B4E LAUNCH – 2012

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Dr. Shirley Madhere served in the past as the Vice-Chairperson at Fashion 4 Development and was instrumental in that organization's foundation, identity, and expansion. During her notable and prolific term at F4D, in addition to her significant contributions to that platform, she also created...

Smart Woman luncheon, United Nations, NYC, April 2013

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In the developing world, nearly 22% fewer women than men have access to a mobile phone; and nearly 25% have no access to the Internet. The barriers to entry are great: either the cost is prohibitive to receive learning content; or, women do not have their own mobile phone. Women and girls are...

B4E and the Women and Fashion Film Festival

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The Mission of the Women and Fashion and Film Festival is to: Serve as a platform that brings together members of the fashion, entertainment, and media industries to foster discussion and build a greater sense of community; Examine issues affecting women and foster social responsibility; Nurture the creative...

B4E and Monika Chiang 2013

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Monika Chiang and Beauty 4 Empowerment founder Dr. Shirley Madhère host a lively and engaging conversation over cocktails and discuss: ”The language of Empowerment: How fashion and beauty can impact the world.” Featuring guest speakers Monika Chiang and fashion designer and co-host and Katharine L’Heureux,...