Beauty 4 Empowerment | Mission


Empowering a more beautiful world: we help your beauty to do good.

“There will not be sustainable economic value creation if there is no personal development and human value creation at the same time.”

-Antoine Riboud, President and Founder, Danone Group, France
The B4E mission is to empower people in partnership with the beauty industry as a vehicle for change. Furthermore, B4E aims to galvanize the beauty industry to implement creative strategies for sustainable economic growth and independence for impoverished or disadvantaged citizens of the world.

The four tenets of our mission are grounded in Education, Empowerment, Engagement, and Evolution. These are the organization’s core values. They also serve as the charges we assign ourselves and the metrics by which we measure our success in helping to improve the lives of women worldwide.

B4E’s mission is in alignment with the drive to work towards the fulfillment of the United Nations’ Millenium Development Goals by 2015. Through relationships with product manufacturers, scientists, corporations, governments, the media, and others, B4E aims to effect the achievement of all of the UNMDG’s, but perhaps most significantly the following:

#1: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger;
#2: achieve universal primary education;
#3: promote gender equality and empower women;
#5: ensure environmental sustainability, and
#6: develop global partnerships for development.

B4E will also serve as a space for dynamic interchange of ideas and a recognized incubator and global think tank for initiatives that contribute to the improvement of humanity. We look forward to collaborating with those organizations with whom we share this space with mutual interest.