Beauty 4 Empowerment | Initiatives


Empowering a more beautiful world: we help your beauty to do good.

B4E passionately serves the global community by implementing the following initiatives:


B4E Awards:

B4E recognizes those in the beauty industry at an annual awards ceremony for their work in empowering people. Criteria that candidates are evaluated upon include a holistic embodiment of beauty—inside and out. Specifically, the award recognizes businesses, entities, or individuals who, through the development of their beauty products or service, also create employment opportunities, educational programs, health and wellness services, or other means of empowering people in a community.

B4E Salons:

Quarterly round-table discussions are intimate gatherings of beauty insiders and industry leaders that delve into various topics related to beauty, wellness, and empowerment. The B4E Salons are by invitation only.

B4E Seal of True Beauty:

The signature B4E Seal is affixed to those beauty products that exemplify the ideals and values by which the B4E award is based. The criteria for consideration of this seal may be found by clicking here.


The Neutralization Project seeks to heal physical and psychological wounds inflicted upon acid-burn victims worldwide. This initial effort is a joint project made possible through a private foundation as well as cooperation with Fashion 4 Development (F4D) and resources contributed by the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

B4E Insight Panel:

B4E Board members are exemplary and highly regarded in the industry. Each member may offer valuable insight to companies within the beauty space seeking to create a socially responsible and ethically engaged footprint. Collectively, the board may be retained in consultancy to help creatively and strategically connect beauty businesses, entities, or individuals with partners in alignment with their CSR, sustainability, and empowerment vision.