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Monica Elias

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Monica Elias

Monica Elias

Board Memeber

For over a decade, Monica Elias has been a leading communications executive and strategic advisor to high profile companies in their effort to engage key audiences and influencers in the marketplace. She has advised brands and their agency partners on how to effectively connect with their audiences and promote their products across print, television, radio, digital, and social channels.

Industry peers have relied on her careful planning, insight and execution skill to redefine content, format, strategy and, ultimately, their profitability. Her approach combines in-depth understanding of the consumer marketplace and knowledge of the media landscape. She has been successful blending the finest of journalism, public relations, narrative marketing, video, and interactive technology to create winning strategies. From conceptualization to execution, she has a knack for designing strategic programs that utilize innovative tactics and vehicles to help clients become more attractive, influential, and socially responsible.